Presentation of the tour of Uzbekistan's potential at the international tourist exhibition in Izmir

As part of the participation in the international travel exhibition Travel Turkey Izmir 2017, December 8, tg. The tourism potential of the republic was presented by the Goskomturism and videos of the sights of Bukhara, Khiva and the Tashkent region and other tourist destinations (including gastronomy) are shown.

About 80 representatives of Turkey's tourism industry (hotels, tour operators, restaurants, transport companies, etc.) took part in the presentation. The audience was thoroughly acquainted with the implemented reforms on the part of the Government on the development of inbound and domestic tourism. 

At the presentation, special emphasis was placed on the measures and opportunities to develop cultural, educational, ecological, mountain, and especially "ZIIRAT TOURISM", as well as other tourist destinations in Uzbekistan. 

Uzbekistan, as noted by the Turkish tourism industry experts - participants in the presentation, is of increasing interest among the population of Turkey, especially those who intend to visit the world-famous landmarks of our country in the direction of "ZIIRAT TOURISM", such as the complexes "Imam Al-Bukhari" "Naqshbandiy", "Al-Hakim Al-Termiziy" and others. 

Participants of the event received all necessary information about the rich tourist potential of Uzbekistan, and B2B meetings were held between tourist companies to conclude specific agreements on the reception of tourists from Turkey.