The capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent, it is also called "Stone City" was founded according to various estimates 2000-2200 years ago.

This stunning city is not only the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also a place of great historical importance. Photos of Tashkent are striking in their colorfulness and diversity, like the city itself. Although there are relatively few historical monuments left here. Today, the streets of Tashkent are full of greenery, and the sleeping areas are reminiscent of film shots in which people leave the city, and the forest takes over everything around.

The weather in Tashkent is quite warm even in winter. Winters in Tashkent are rarely snowy, so if you haven't brought warm clothes with you, don't worry. As a last resort, they can be bought in Tashkent at local bazaars or in shopping centers. In spring, the temperature in Tashkent is kept at around 28-30 degrees, while in summer there is a real tropical heat. (40-45 degrees). By the way, you will have to take sunglasses and a hat.

As much as it sounds, one of the pride of the city is … underground! Tashkent is the only city in Central Asia that has a full-fledged metro. By the way, the metro in Tashkent is fundamentally different from its "colleagues" in the west. Each station, as it were, tells the story of its creation. For example, at A. Navoi station, you can get into a real oriental fairy tale, looking at the illustrations for the books of the great poet, depicted on the walls.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Old Tashkent, be sure to visit the surviving to our times mosques, mausoleums and madrasahs... Separately, I would like to talk about one of them.

Madrasah Kukeldash was built over four hundred years ago. This stunning architectural monument of the Sheibanid era during its existence was sometimes not used very expediently. For example, it served as a residence for the Kokand rulers, and a little earlier - as a fortress.

Although Tashkent is the capital, every Tashkent citizen will consider it his duty to find out if you have been to Samarkand or at least Bukhara? Despite the fact that these ancient cities are located quite far from Tashkent, it is not difficult to get to them. Three times a day from the North Station departs high-speed train "Afrosiyob"

Museum of applied arts – if there is no time to visit the ancient capitals, just take a look here. Here you can touch the very heart of Uzbekistan - its ancient handicraft practices: weaving, gold embroidery, ceramics and even folk instruments. Master classes in all these types of applied arts are often held right there.


In Tashkent itself, however, there is also plenty of entertainment. for example, in the Central Park named after Mirzo Ulugbek

you can go for a ride on attractions, lie with a book in a hammock and attend a master class, listen to a lecture and even watch a movie in the open air. Right across the street from Central Park is located Eco park.  There are no attractions here, but there is a bike path, tennis courts, a volleyball court and other areas for outdoor activities and sports. Even if you didn't have any sports equipment with you, it doesn't matter, you can rent everything here.

Ikiro Hiroyama's caravanserai attractive for its Japanese architecture and free admission. In addition to the permanent exhibition of works by Hiroyama himself, exhibitions of contemporary Japanese and Uzbek artists are regularly held here.


LIK Movement Theater (based on the Theater of the Young Spectator,) - don't miss the cool performances of this inclusive plastic theater. After all, the drama, themes and titles of the performances were not invented, but taken from real life: "I dream that I walk ...", "Rainbow Festival", "Improvisations on the themes of life"? The choreography of performances is not composed, but is born in the process of dance improvisation, when the inner unity and interaction of actors and people with disabilities are embodied in filled and speaking gestures and movements. At the performances "Lika" you can find yourself in a completely different world. Take the risk?

Minor Mosque – take a look here at sunset: the white bulk of the mosque with two minarets looks very cinematic at sunset. Admission is free, but if you are thinking inside, do not confuse: prayer halls for men and women are located in different places.

Are you raving about the poetry of the Silver Age? Club-Museum of Anna Akhmatova "Mangalochiy Yard" should not be overlooked. Here, thanks to the efforts of the poet's admirers, the atmosphere of Akhmatova's room, in which she lived during the evacuation from 1941 to 1944, was recreated. Among the exhibits are personal belongings of the poetess, her gifts to Tashkent friends, autographs, photographs. Representatives of the bohemian crowd of Tashkent can often be found in the “Courtyard” at creative evenings, readings and concerts of contemporary Uzbek performers. The entrance to the museum is free.

Bonum Factum Gallery / Art and Fact Gallery

a real underground venue in Tashkent. Firstly, it is not so easy to find it: the gallery is located on the ground and basement floors of the hotel. There is no sign of the hotel itself or the gallery. However, if you are not afraid to walk on the softest carpet on the steps and open a massive oak door, then you will immediately find yourself among the permanent exhibition of the gallery. There are canvases of contemporary Uzbek artists hanging here. The entrance to this part of the gallery is free. The hall of temporary exhibitions is located on the floor below. It also hosts lectures, creative meetings, movie screenings - you can check for more details on the gallery's Facebook page.

Puppet theater "Aladdin" (73 Buyuk Turon str., Kino-Olami, entrance from the courtyard) - the same story as with the Minsk puppet theater, which proved that dolls are not only for children. The most talented actors take part in the performances of "Aladdin": from the prim of the Academic Russian Drama Theater of Uzbekistan to the guys from theater "Ilkhom". There are no performances for children - only 18+ hardcore plays.

Tashkent television tower – tallest building in Tashkent and Central Asia: 375 meters. By the way, here, at a great height, you can taste the most exquisite masterpieces of the national Uzbek cuisine.

If you are suddenly lucky to be in Tashkent in winter, go to Chimgan. This mountain range is part of the Tien Shan Mountains and is located just 80 km from Tashkent. The gurney here is excellent, with several slopes - suitable for both beginners and intermediate snowboarders and skiers. You can get to Chimgan by taxi: look for a car on the street. Nikitin (if you are driving with your board, there are cars with special luggage racks). Ski passes are not provided here, but one lift on the cable car is not expensive, and the cable car rides on the longest track for 25 minutes. By the way, the lifts have been preserved here since ancient times, so get ready for hardcore. There is equipment for rent, but there are mostly skis (from the same era as the lift). So take care of the rental inventory in Tashkent itself.

In summer, Chimgan also has something to do, for example, walk along one of 7 trekking routes. But please do not do it yourself, contact a travel agency or find yourself an experienced guide: 6 out of 7 tracks require good physical fitness (you will have to climb a rope here and there). But even on the simplest track, people regularly get lost and go missing.

If it gets unbearably hot in summer, you have two options: Tashkent sea (or Tuyabuguz reservoir) 50 km south of Tashkent and on Charvak reservoir (70 km northeast). No, they are not at all like the Minsk Sea - they are huge clean reservoirs with cool blue water and a developed infrastructure along the shores. Here you can ride a yacht, speedboat, jet ski and even try your hand at windsurfing. On weekends, however, there is nowhere for an apple to fall, so try to get here on a weekday. The easiest way to get to both Tashmorya and Charvak is by a rented car or by taxi.

The population of Uzbekistan, and Tashkent in particular, has always been distinguished by traditional oriental hospitality. If you come to Tashkent, be sure to attend an uzbek wedding (if possible). Weddings in Tashkent are still noisy and fun, as they were several hundred years ago.

Note to tourists: In Uzbekistan, it is not customary to refuse the offered treat, this greatly offends the owner of the house.

For children and adults in Tashkent there are several amusement parks. In particular, in the summer season, guests of the capital are waiting for many water parks. Several amusement parks are open to the public all year round.

Trade is what people have been doing in Uzbekistan since ancient times. After all, it was through it that the Great Silk Road ran. So they know how to trade (and bargain). For seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as for delicious dairy products, nuts and dried fruits, go to the Alai Bazaar. The largest variety of souvenirs in the city can be found at the bazaar Chor-Su in the Old Town. By the way, the prices here are the most reasonable. The most popular among tourists are such souvenirs as: handmade souvenir knives; painted ceramics; garments and hats.

In Tashkent, you can find cuisine for every taste. However, if we talk specifically about traditional local cuisine, then it can be found here at every step.  "Somsa" – this is salvation from hunger! A hot pie with lamb meat and onions is what a tired traveler needs. One of the traditional places with the best catfish in town -  Asl somsa milli uygur taomlar (or Minor of Soames). This establishment does not have an address, but it is quite easy to find it - it is located in the park opposite the Minor Mosque (you just need to cross the small ring road). Only somsa and tea are on the menu. The interior is ascetic, there are no waiters. But somsa - you will lick your fingers.

Another type of meat pies is gumma (almost the same as somsa, but stuffed with offal). This is an even more budgetary option, you see the inscription "Gumma" - go and buy!

Chopar pizza – this network of pizzerias throughout Uzbekistan will delight you with excellent pizza according to original recipes.

If burgers - feel free to stomp at the Burger Chef! The most delicious burgers in Tashkent are waiting for you here.

Bookcafe – in this cozy coffee shop full of bookshelves you can not only drink aromatic coffee, but also eat a full breakfast or lunch, read your favorite book and even work, because the tables are separated from each other by bookshelves, so sitting here you will feel like in an office from the 80s.

Reggae Bean Brew bar - takes you straight to Jamaica! This place among your own people is called a brew bar, because here you can brew your own coffee. The brew menu contains exclusive coffee varieties: Kaapi Royale, Wild Kopi Luwak, Blue Mountain. And if you don’t like coffee, there is a tea card at your service, which has such unconventional teas as rosella, mangosteen, lemongrass, blue tea, masala.

Milly Taomlar

a network of cafes with traditional Uzbek cuisine. There are many of them both in Tashkent and beyond. Better, of course, to go to the biggest one - on Khadra Square. There is usually no menu here, and food is sold by weight directly from the huge vats in which it is prepared. The staff speaks very bad Russian or English, so just point your finger at the dish you like and mimic the portion size. A fragrant hot bun will be brought in anyway, even if you order a lagman, so don't be alarmed. From drinks - tea or compote.

CMI gastrobar

the same bar for people, where you can easily meet both representatives of the bohemian crowd and the "golden youth" of Tashkent. Everyone comes here - actors, directors, artists and businessmen. And there is also the longest bar counter in Uzbekistan - as much as 37 meters!

​​​​​​​Kilimanjaro – another shape-shifting restaurant. Here, as in "Barkhan", wild dances take place on weekends, and on weekdays there are concerts and even themed parties. The interior of the establishment may be a little lurid, but, consecrated with a stroboscope, it will definitely leave an indelible impression!

Жигули рестобар-  You are happy with the style. An exemplary Soviet pub. Luxurious live music in the evenings. Faceted glasses and shot glasses. Definitely a decent beer from pot-bellied mugs. In conclusion about beer. A very decent drink. The choice is great. Fresh. Delicious. Friendly staff atmosphere. Children can be safely left in the children's room. We have created all the conditions for cultural recreation!

Where to stay? We list several budget hostel options:

European Backpacker & Sakura Hostel (Fragon Yuli st., 26/1) - the most budget hostel in the center of Tashkent. The hostel has a large green area with a barbecue area and a dining table, and the staff is always ready to help in word and deed. a night in the dorm will take you just a little (and this is with breakfast!), per night in a separate double room - a little more.

 Topchan Hostel (8 Marta St., 104) - perhaps the most atmospheric hostel in Tashkent! There is everything here: clean rooms, national flavor and European comfort. This is the same hostel where unexpected acquaintances are destined to happen, which grow into friendship for life. Night in the dorm room with breakfast double room, family room with private bathroom - choose for yourself!

Арт Хостел (Zanzhirbog str., 3) - bright, youthful, located not far from the main art platform of the city - Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai. Here you will find bright, spacious rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and even a pool!

Sunrise Caravan Stay (second proezd Mirabad, 45) - this guest house contains in its name the frightening word "Boutique", but you should not be afraid. This is a nice little guest house with an authentic interior and a cozy outdoor terrace.

 Amir Khan Hostel (Dashnobod str., 16) - the hostel closest to the airport. The dorms are decorated without frills, but a modern kitchen equipped with the latest technology is always at your disposal. Double rooms are not provided here.

And a little about life hacks

MyTaxi and Yandex.Taxi are faithful horses for moving around Tashkent and its environs.

  ​​​ - be sure to download this offline map to your phone, it works great in Tashkent and is updated frequently.

Find out about exhibitions, concerts, parties and in general about everything that happens in Tashkent from the application. If you do not install it on your phone, you will be left with a nose - it is almost impossible to find information about something on the network.